While I’m balancing life with graduating school with a graphics art degree and thinking I’m done with that for a while, and then getting a freelancing job doing a newsletter and being even busier, here I am blogging about dreams because I’ve had almost zero time to write my book. So, I apologize for not being on here as much, everything is all kind of happening at once. But here we go, on to the very bizarre dream/nightmare I had last night. I don’t really have an interpretation for it, just wanted to explain it in the best detail I can; and maybe you can draw inspiration from it.

I walked along the streets in a very ominous, rich looking part of town. The house I ended up in reminded me of those Japanese type of houses where the hallways are small, with wooden walls, and the opposite side have windows from floor to ceiling. When I first got there, I swear it overlooked the ocean, or a large field and no other houses nearby. I felt unwelcome in this house, and the owners were having a party outside on the patio. I went outside to try to figure out how to leave, but for some reason couldn’t. It was cold out and I rubbed my arms for warmth, even though the other people wore sun dresses and looked comfortable. I then went near the people sitting on the patio and none of them looked at me, except one. An older Chinese woman smiled at me, and hinted at a gray hoodie laying on the ground next to her. It seemed she felt bad, but didn’t want to be seen giving me something.

Grateful for her gift, I put it on immediately. I went back inside and looked in the mirror with my hood up. My face looked odd, with strange red dots all over it, like scars. It was a little unsettling.

She then told me about the house across the street. (which seemed to appear from nowhere since I first thought there was an ocean or field where the house was now). A single story, modest house with flowers in the yard and columns holding up the awning by the front door. Rumor was, that if you go even close to it (like to knock on the door) the windows and doors put down metal sheets of armor and sound an alarm. Loud noises close by also trigger it. I’m not sure the significance of this place, but it made me curious. A street laid between my house and this new one and I heard children laughing and playing loudly. With each footstep, they got louder and louder; giving me a sinking feeling this would trigger the house to ‘shut down.’ They continued to play, and their laughs echoed through the neighborhood. Next thing I saw, the metal sheets slammed down over the windows and doors and sounded an alarm.

But this was no regular alarm.

The best way to describe it, was a mix between the deep voice you hear at an old school cathedral and several whispers from spirits of people and children. It sent a chill down my spine because it felt as if they were speaking to me. The voices spoke loudly and tunneled into my brain and threatened my being. I could sense them trying to touch me, and then something jabbed my side, startling me awake. The sunlight from my bedroom window blinded me.

I looked over in my bed and realized my dog was stretching and pushed his foot into my side. He scared me half to death. The feeling I had after I woke up was not pleasant. The sound of the deep baritone voice and whispers played in my head like a haunting record. And the vision of the house surrounded in armor, will be hard to forget.

Sweet dreams, everyone.##


Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure

They toured the house with the real estate agent.
“We love it,” he said. “Is there anything we should know about the house’s past?” The agent looked down.

Mary Ellen met up with her two clients, Nick and Regina in front of a large three story home with a For Sale sign out front. She was excited to be showing them this house because it’s been on the market for years. It was fixed up a lot since it was put on the market, and many clients have come and went. But, she was hopeful that this couple would be the ones to finally buy it.

She showed them around the entire house, talking it up more than she ever has. Even found out their favorite food and had it baking in the oven when they arrived. The couple joined her downstairs after analyzing the rest of the house.

“Well? What do you think?” she asked with a bright smile.

“We love it!” Nick said. “But is there anything we should know about the house’s past?”

Mary Ellen’s smile faded and she looked down at the wood floor. The one question she prayed they wouldn’t ask. It may look like a gorgeous house now, but back then, terrible things happened. She couldn’t live with herself by not telling these nice people the real story behind it.

“About fifty years ago, this woman lived all by herself for most of her life. She was very anti-social but loved cats. Rumor was that she had well over a hundred of them living here. Well, the poor woman eventually died when she was in her 90’s…” she cleared her throat. “The cats were without an owner, meaning, they were without food. In order for her felines to survive they… well…”

“They ate her?!” Regina said aghast.

Mary Ellen closed her eyes and nodded her head slightly.

“Um, yeah, I think we’ll pass. Sorry,” Nick said. They couple hurried as fast as they could out of the door.

She stood there with a sunken look. “I’m never gonna sell this damn house.”