Eeep! I just realized I never shared my third and final book on here! If you’re following me via social media though, you saw this a while ago. *wink wink* In case you haven’t witnessed it’s magnificence… ta da!


Vultures should be ready to the world sometime next year! I don’t have a date as I am not done with the first draft yet, but it’s over halfway done. If you haven’t read the first two books, I have just one question. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!

Here is a tiny snippet of the first chapter. Very tiny since it’s still in it’s infancy stage.

“Waves of electricity slowly made their way out of her system as she stuck to the floor like a paralyzed victim. Every minuscule thought infiltrated her mind leading up to that exact point. She thought she had been ahead of him, but the truth was, he was always ahead. Malik had too many eyes. As large as the Sparrows rebellion seemed, the Vultures tripled them. Was it always a losing battle, no matter what she did? She hated thinking that way, but her current position left her no alternative.”

Also, here are the links if you want to find out why this cover is so badass. 😉

Fliers – Book 1

Sparrows – Book 2

(Also, if you have read these already, please leave a review! I would love to hear what you thought!)

Happy Trails

Laura Mae ❤

Sparrows Release Date!

It’s been officially announced! My second book is available to the world on June 25th, 2019. As of right now, it’s only available for pre-order on ebook. I will be sure to announce the pre-order for the paperback edition.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been going exclusively through Ingram Spark this time around, rather than Amazon. (The ebook is through Amazon currently, but only because I want you all to get it pre-ordered!) I will be turning it off once it’s released but it will still be available on Amazon. Confused? Sorry…

But don’t worry! Someway, somehow, I will have Sparrows available to buy on it’s release date! If you’re not able to pre-order, just remember the date and it will be there to buy at your fingertips!

I also got my ARC copies in and posted my reaction video on the social medias if you want to watch. I am extremely satisfied with how it turned out! And good thing because I ordered a bunch and it would have sucked if there was a big issue! I’ll be sending them out to my ARC readers on Monday and I am dying from excitement to hear their thoughts on it. I honestly think I love this one more than the first, is that weird? I wrote this one so much quicker than the first one too, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. *shrugs* But I’m excited to hear what people think of all the new characters I’ve introduced and the new issues that have come up. It’s more gritty and deep.

My third and final book is still in the first draft process and I’m hoping to have it out sometime next year. I’m not rushing it though and I have some things going on in my personal life that take away from my writing. But I will do my best to release it in a timely manner. No George R.R. Martin fiasco’s. 😛

If you want to pre-order Sparrows on ebook, please click here! Otherwise, follow me on social medias to be alerted once the paperback is ready! Thank you all so much for your continued support and supporting indie authors. It means, literally, everything. ❤