City Bus

My dream last night consisted of so many things. (I’m glad I didn’t work today because I wouldn’t have been able to write this out.)

It was me and my brother, Scott and we were visiting a city, I think it was San Diego. I have never been there in real life so I have no idea. We didn’t really stick together much. It freaked me out because it was a strange city and I had no idea where anything was and he jumped on buses without me. We were supposed to be going to some event, like a concert. I finally get into a bus, where I guess Scott paid for me. It was not your average bus, though.

I’m not really sure how the driver saw anything. There was a large television set, where the windshield normally was, that reminded me of my grandmothers tv from the 70’s. It played something that most of the people on the bus were very interested in. And beside that TV, stood a podium with writing on the front that said something about marriage and weddings. They were marrying people in this bus. (That’s why I’m not sure if I was in San Diego or Las Vegas, because it seemed like a very Las Vegas thing to do.) And a lady stood behind it, looking like she was praying or something.

We finally arrived at the concert and I have no shoes. When we get off the bus, I start my search for some shoes. I find all kinds of different flip flops because that’s all I really needed at the time. All of them were either too small or hideous with fur on it or didn’t have a price tag. I eventually gave up my search and went to the outside concert anyway.

JerryOh, also, Garry, Jerry, Larry, Berry from Parks and Rec (the show) was with us. Someone at the concert gave us a pamphlet to fill out, and I guess Garry got picked. I was so happy for him because his expressions are priceless and he is such a nice man. He announced things over a microphone, in the middle of a field. I don’t know what about; it was really strange.

So then my 3 year old nephew shows up; the cutest kid alive. Him, me and my brother decide to take off and leave the concert. We end up back on the bus and drive past a water park. A HUGE water park. My nephew loves water and my brother and I knew we would be there all day if we pointed it out to him, so we didn’t. (Even though I really wanted to go, too.) It felt like miles of pink and blue tubes ran along the road that were full of water, but still part of the park. They were abandoned or something. It was really sad to me…

Somehow, we all get back into the city, where now we are able to see out of the front of the bus (windshield came back). Something freaky happened. The road in front of us, maybe 100 feet away, something appeared from the street and destroyed all the cars in front of us. It was yellow and black and reminded me of a toy, like something my nephew would play with. It spun around really fast, sending cars flying, but some just caught on fire and disintegrated. It disappeared back into the ground. The bus driver cautiously kept driving, through the burnt up cars, and through the rest of town. More toy monsters reeked havoc in the rest of the city streets. Our bus swayed from one side to another, throwing us around like paper dolls. I’m not sure how, but food was also inside and it got everywhere. Not cans of food or chips, like Mexican food and hot food that we ordered (somehow). I think I was more concerned of the food getting on me then getting destroyed by a 3 story tall toy monster.

Soon, me, my brother and nephew arrived at the hotel safe and sound. All I can remember was me and my nephew in the hotel room, there’s a giant mirror in there and my nephew made a scrunchy face.

I ask, “Did you just poop?”

He laughs and says no. And then I tickle him ’cause I know he’s lying.

And that was it. ##


While I’m balancing life with graduating school with a graphics art degree and thinking I’m done with that for a while, and then getting a freelancing job doing a newsletter and being even busier, here I am blogging about dreams because I’ve had almost zero time to write my book. So, I apologize for not being on here as much, everything is all kind of happening at once. But here we go, on to the very bizarre dream/nightmare I had last night. I don’t really have an interpretation for it, just wanted to explain it in the best detail I can; and maybe you can draw inspiration from it.

I walked along the streets in a very ominous, rich looking part of town. The house I ended up in reminded me of those Japanese type of houses where the hallways are small, with wooden walls, and the opposite side have windows from floor to ceiling. When I first got there, I swear it overlooked the ocean, or a large field and no other houses nearby. I felt unwelcome in this house, and the owners were having a party outside on the patio. I went outside to try to figure out how to leave, but for some reason couldn’t. It was cold out and I rubbed my arms for warmth, even though the other people wore sun dresses and looked comfortable. I then went near the people sitting on the patio and none of them looked at me, except one. An older Chinese woman smiled at me, and hinted at a gray hoodie laying on the ground next to her. It seemed she felt bad, but didn’t want to be seen giving me something.

Grateful for her gift, I put it on immediately. I went back inside and looked in the mirror with my hood up. My face looked odd, with strange red dots all over it, like scars. It was a little unsettling.

She then told me about the house across the street. (which seemed to appear from nowhere since I first thought there was an ocean or field where the house was now). A single story, modest house with flowers in the yard and columns holding up the awning by the front door. Rumor was, that if you go even close to it (like to knock on the door) the windows and doors put down metal sheets of armor and sound an alarm. Loud noises close by also trigger it. I’m not sure the significance of this place, but it made me curious. A street laid between my house and this new one and I heard children laughing and playing loudly. With each footstep, they got louder and louder; giving me a sinking feeling this would trigger the house to ‘shut down.’ They continued to play, and their laughs echoed through the neighborhood. Next thing I saw, the metal sheets slammed down over the windows and doors and sounded an alarm.

But this was no regular alarm.

The best way to describe it, was a mix between the deep voice you hear at an old school cathedral and several whispers from spirits of people and children. It sent a chill down my spine because it felt as if they were speaking to me. The voices spoke loudly and tunneled into my brain and threatened my being. I could sense them trying to touch me, and then something jabbed my side, startling me awake. The sunlight from my bedroom window blinded me.

I looked over in my bed and realized my dog was stretching and pushed his foot into my side. He scared me half to death. The feeling I had after I woke up was not pleasant. The sound of the deep baritone voice and whispers played in my head like a haunting record. And the vision of the house surrounded in armor, will be hard to forget.

Sweet dreams, everyone.##


Octopus Dream

So, I was going to write my prompt… a couple days ago actually. I’m not being consistent with it, but ya know what? I don’t really care. The days I’m not writing the prompts (which are hit and miss) I have started writing the second installment of the Fliers series. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about it. And I count that.

Besides that, I decided to do something a little different today. I had a very realistic dream last night and I wanted to share. I looked up what the dream could possibly mean, and let’s just say I’m a little more than confused. I don’t usually take dreams literally, but I do like to know what they mean, because they are structured how they are for a reason. At least, I think so. Anyways, I’ll describe the dream in as much detail as I can remember, and then I’ll go over what the internet says it means.

Disclosure: I have dreams about fish, fish tanks and owning A LOT of fish tanks, all around a home I’m in. Filled with all kinds of different creatures. However, this is the first one that actually had an octopus in it. 

I was at a store, like a pet store I guess. And right in the middle of the store was the tank that was more vertical than horizontal like you would be used to seeing. Well, in the tank were four little octopi (sp?). They were small, an orangey red color and all at the bottom of the tank just hanging out. I went to take a couple (because of my weird fish obsession) and I was afraid to grab them. I don’t know why I thought I could only grab them by the head, but the heads were so soft and squishy. I was afraid I would hurt them. And with each one I took out, the water level went down a lot. And at this point, I felt I needed to rescue them, with a fear of the water running out. But I still only took two. Then suddenly, I put them in a cart, along with two hamsters I was getting too. But then I remembered I already had hamsters that I didn’t take care of very much.

Side Note: I’ve had a few dreams with a cage that I’ve had hamsters in. And I always feel immensely guilty because I wasn’t taking care of them–you know with food and water and stuff. But they were still alive and well. When I was getting more hamsters at the store, I thought of them; the forgotten rodents in the corner of my imaginary house.

But yeah, that’s the whole dream, at least the part that I remembered. On to the interpretation:

The first thing I read (according to one single article that I can’t copy and paste so I’ll paraphrase) was that any octopus in dreams mean bad luck. It will drag you away from your projects, or represents someone getting in your way of finishing anything successfully. It will be devastating to your professional career and it will be difficult to get back on track.

Okay, pardon my french, but god damn. This could not be more depressing, ESPECIALLY because I just published my first book. Basically it’s saying that it won’t go well, or someone will to try to rip it off (possibly copyright stuff) and cause me major issues. Ah, my heart. It hurts.

But… then I read something else, on the same page, about small octopus:

A small octopus means a small success you may achieve. It can be related to your career, sometimes personal, but mostly your job. It won’t be a major success, but it will be at the very least–motivation.

….See what I mean? Confusing. I think I am going to use the small octopus analogy because they were very small, considering most sea octopus are ginormous. This makes me happier, if so. Again, because of my new book. I am not expecting it to be a major success, but a minor, and I’m totes okay with that. 🙂 ##

* Day 23 – A Letter

This is the third time I started writing this entry, crossing my fingers that it’s the last. Not sure why I can’t do this one, but I had a dream last night and think I finally got it.

A letter to someone, anyone.

Dear State Street House,

I realize that you are not a living person or something that can perceive letters, but you are still very visual in my dreams and memories. You were the first memory of a home that I can remember, and were my home for about twenty years of my life. This last dream I had of you was… different than any other dream I’ve had before of you. It felt extremely real, that I swore I was there. The staircase always had this familiar creaking, almost rhythmic, and it made everything else seem real. My mind was remembering what it looked like back when I was still a child. Granted, it was a dream, so it didn’t look exactly like it. But I lived there 20 years, so it looked many different ways.

I was so in love with you, that I am still planning on owning you in the future. Hoping that you don’t get demolished because you’re getting up there in years… If houses could read, I would hope you read mine and understand how much of an impact you’ve had on my life and my subconscious. All the memories I’ve had there, great and really bad. Through heartbreak, depression, and discovering who I am; you know, teenage stuff. You were my sanctuary and it was hard to leave you. When my parents sold the house, it was tough for me. Hard to picture some other family using you for their own memories.

Hope you’re doing well and don’t get destroyed any time soon. Thanks for the memories.

Yours always,


Picture I drew in middle school.

Day… uh crap…

So, I left my writing challenge list at work (uuuuggggg) so, I won’t be updating that today. But, I did have a very interesting dream last night that I will write about instead! Be warned, you’re diving inside my head, so hang on. 🙂

Bear with me, it’s almost noon now and I woke up at about 8am. I couldn’t find my phone, so I wasn’t able to record my dream as it was fresh in my mind. Excuse my ramblings; you have been warned again.

This dream took place at my dads house. But, it was about half the size, the living room is where the kitchen is, my bedroom was where the living room was, no kitchen, and a toilet sat in the middle with only a tiny half wall surrounding it. I was living with a boyfriend (Tony – a guy I haven’t even thought about in like 8 years!) and we were setting up for a party. I think we were both stoned or something because I remember a lot of the dream, him sleeping and me looking at myself sleeping. I know there was a huge stereo blasting music and not effecting us at all. It was dark outside, and no one showed up to the party. Remembering how small the place was, I honestly don’t know how anyone would have fit in there comfortably. Anyways, I finally wake up from sleeping half the dream, to look for my animals. They were all outside (including my indoor cats!!) and I flipped out.

This is part of the dream where I get pissed. I open the sliding glass door to see my cat Jynx (the black one) meowing at my sight and walking back inside. Sokka (the kitten) was just laying down, chillin’ outside, like nothing out of the ordinary going on. Next thing I saw was Ludo (sisters dog) with a ton of strings wrapped around his body, running around, freaking out. (understandably) I finally got a hold of him and get the strings off. The other dog (not my dog Dobby, but another dog named Luna) who also had strings on her and I freed her as well. I walk to the backyard to see a couple of bowls of food for them, which I assumed Tony put out for them. They were half wet food and half, uh, 2 inch cooked steaks. This food choice was already strange to me, but then I see under a tree, 5 HUGE STEAKS just laying in the grass for my pets. Like, wtf? I was sooooo upset (I’m fairly emotional in my dreams) So I grabbed a couple steaks that were half the size of my arm, bring them into the house and yell at Tony; who is still sleeping. Now that I think of it, maybe I’m not sure it was him, I never really saw his face. *shrugs*

Then, I forgive him quickly, dress down to my undies and press my body up against his, that STILL LAYING IN BED.

And then it ends. ##