City Bus

My dream last night consisted of so many things. (I’m glad I didn’t work today because I wouldn’t have been able to write this out.)

It was me and my brother, Scott and we were visiting a city, I think it was San Diego. I have never been there in real life so I have no idea. We didn’t really stick together much. It freaked me out because it was a strange city and I had no idea where anything was and he jumped on buses without me. We were supposed to be going to some event, like a concert. I finally get into a bus, where I guess Scott paid for me. It was not your average bus, though.

I’m not really sure how the driver saw anything. There was a large television set, where the windshield normally was, that reminded me of my grandmothers tv from the 70’s. It played something that most of the people on the bus were very interested in. And beside that TV, stood a podium with writing on the front that said something about marriage and weddings. They were marrying people in this bus. (That’s why I’m not sure if I was in San Diego or Las Vegas, because it seemed like a very Las Vegas thing to do.) And a lady stood behind it, looking like she was praying or something.

We finally arrived at the concert and I have no shoes. When we get off the bus, I start my search for some shoes. I find all kinds of different flip flops because that’s all I really needed at the time. All of them were either too small or hideous with fur on it or didn’t have a price tag. I eventually gave up my search and went to the outside concert anyway.

JerryOh, also, Garry, Jerry, Larry, Berry from Parks and Rec (the show) was with us. Someone at the concert gave us a pamphlet to fill out, and I guess Garry got picked. I was so happy for him because his expressions are priceless and he is such a nice man. He announced things over a microphone, in the middle of a field. I don’t know what about; it was really strange.

So then my 3 year old nephew shows up; the cutest kid alive. Him, me and my brother decide to take off and leave the concert. We end up back on the bus and drive past a water park. A HUGE water park. My nephew loves water and my brother and I knew we would be there all day if we pointed it out to him, so we didn’t. (Even though I really wanted to go, too.) It felt like miles of pink and blue tubes ran along the road that were full of water, but still part of the park. They were abandoned or something. It was really sad to me…

Somehow, we all get back into the city, where now we are able to see out of the front of the bus (windshield came back). Something freaky happened. The road in front of us, maybe 100 feet away, something appeared from the street and destroyed all the cars in front of us. It was yellow and black and reminded me of a toy, like something my nephew would play with. It spun around really fast, sending cars flying, but some just caught on fire and disintegrated. It disappeared back into the ground. The bus driver cautiously kept driving, through the burnt up cars, and through the rest of town. More toy monsters reeked havoc in the rest of the city streets. Our bus swayed from one side to another, throwing us around like paper dolls. I’m not sure how, but food was also inside and it got everywhere. Not cans of food or chips, like Mexican food and hot food that we ordered (somehow). I think I was more concerned of the food getting on me then getting destroyed by a 3 story tall toy monster.

Soon, me, my brother and nephew arrived at the hotel safe and sound. All I can remember was me and my nephew in the hotel room, there’s a giant mirror in there and my nephew made a scrunchy face.

I ask, “Did you just poop?”

He laughs and says no. And then I tickle him ’cause I know he’s lying.

And that was it. ##

* Day 23 – A Letter

This is the third time I started writing this entry, crossing my fingers that it’s the last. Not sure why I can’t do this one, but I had a dream last night and think I finally got it.

A letter to someone, anyone.

Dear State Street House,

I realize that you are not a living person or something that can perceive letters, but you are still very visual in my dreams and memories. You were the first memory of a home that I can remember, and were my home for about twenty years of my life. This last dream I had of you was… different than any other dream I’ve had before of you. It felt extremely real, that I swore I was there. The staircase always had this familiar creaking, almost rhythmic, and it made everything else seem real. My mind was remembering what it looked like back when I was still a child. Granted, it was a dream, so it didn’t look exactly like it. But I lived there 20 years, so it looked many different ways.

I was so in love with you, that I am still planning on owning you in the future. Hoping that you don’t get demolished because you’re getting up there in years… If houses could read, I would hope you read mine and understand how much of an impact you’ve had on my life and my subconscious. All the memories I’ve had there, great and really bad. Through heartbreak, depression, and discovering who I am; you know, teenage stuff. You were my sanctuary and it was hard to leave you. When my parents sold the house, it was tough for me. Hard to picture some other family using you for their own memories.

Hope you’re doing well and don’t get destroyed any time soon. Thanks for the memories.

Yours always,


Picture I drew in middle school.

How Does the Brain Work?

To get a perspective of how things pop into my mind, here’s an example. I was cutting up chicken for my dogs and I start thinking of Sydona eating meat. She’s a vegetarian if you didn’t know. And I was thinking that she was going to be eating meat in the second book. Then I thought, why? Why would she eat meat after not eating it for 30 years?

…I see her (Sydona) in a forest, scavenging for meat. A squirrel, a rabbit, whatever. And she’s by herself, no one around. But then I thought, why, again. It’s not how it appears. Why would she be alone when Raoul was always by her side. Is she testing herself; deserted? No. She’s not alone by choice.

She’s training.

Training to be a Sparrow. ##

Dream Ideas

I don’t know about many other writers, but I tend to have book/story ideas that come to me in dreams. Like, a lot. I’m sure you might know that Fliers came to me in a dream, so it’s not uncommon. But I had one last night, that I was actually planning out the plot that would happen. I thought what was already happening would be a good story, so I tried to make an outline in my dream. I should explain: I use to dream interpret a little several years ago, and so I got really good at controlling my dreams. I can tell myself to do something and *most* of the time it happens. I can also control other things that happen, making people or objects do what I want.

Anyways, getting off track. The dream had 3 girls and 3 guys and they were in a high school. I am skeptical about making a story with kids in high school. I feel it’s so played out. … So I made them be in college 😀 And the other part was this weird woman who was like a witch and …. as I’m reading this, I’m forgetting everything that I thought would make a great plot. GAAHHHHH

In conclusion… the dream made this weird turn into a wet dream.. and well.. the rest of it went down the toilet. Welp. This was a pretty pointless post. lol …. Happy Sleeping! ##