* Day 29ish – Goals


What are your goals for the next 30 days?

In 30 days, it will be February 26th. So, let’s see. I hope to have my final revisions done for Fliers and completely professionally edited and proofread. So I can publish it! ^.^

I want my cover art done. It’s been, uh… delayed… But should be done well within the week, hopefully.

I want to do well in my classes. Already made a pretty awesome logo, I think. 🙂

I submitted a flash fiction and am hoping that I won it. (will know mid Feb)

Want to get my outline done for the sequel of Fliers.

That’s it. ##


* Day 28ish – LOL

Post five things that make you laugh out loud.

  1. Stupid people.
  2. Baby animals (but more of an audible squeeing)
  3. Things that our current president says.
  4. Random things guests/customers say when I’m in ‘work mode.”
  5. When I can feel my life falling apart.

Oh and this. ##


* Day 27ish – Kick Ass

Been busy setting up a new website for my portfolio! Check it out!

Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now.

Segue into our topic about portfolios… I am in a class right now that is focused strictly around setting up a great and professional portfolio. The teacher said that if we have a website already, we can just use that to display our works. Great!

Except no. Not trying to bad mouth WordPress, but you have to pay a LOT of extra in order to do anything on here… Struggling for a couple hours, trying to figure out how to display my digital art work on here, I was close to giving up. I was not amused about having to make an entirely new website. It’s a lot of work and blah, blah, blah (lazy me). I just did not want to do it. But, I thought I would at least give it a shot. Then I came across Wix.

I’m sure you have seen it advertised all over the internet, tv and the like. It was made to be this super easy website to make your own website. Let me just tell you from my perspective; I LOVE Wix. Seriously. It’s much more user friendly, more customizable and has all these preset themes and color schemes and everything. I made it completely how I want in less than 24 hours. I am using it mainly because it’s very “picture friendly” and you can have more of a gallery look. I am SUPER happy with how it turned out. If you guys don’t mind checking it out and letting me know what you think, that would be incredible! ##

* Day 26ish – Improvements

We’re getting down to the end! (kinda happy about it, honestly lol)

Write about an area in your life you would like to improve.

Is it weird to say my writing? Don’t get my wrong, I love to write and I know that the more I write, the better I get. Supposedly. I know that I am not a full time writer and to be truthful, I know that if I read more, it would improve. So, that is kind of my own fault. But, like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m not a big reader. Yes, I’m sure that it makes my work suffer, but I just love to write. I like to create something with words that can come virtually out of nowhere! When I get feedback from my work, it is very exciting and I love hearing what people have to say. I am recently trying more to write different things. Couple writing challenges here and there (not this writing challenge).

I submitted a work to a writing group I’m in and it had to be a max of 150 words. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was really hard to write that little, I’m used to rambling and writing too much! Once I’m able to get permission to share it, I will do so here. Keep a look out!

And then the other challenge I did was yesterday, the Beatles post. I’m not sure if you noticed, but take a look at the first letter at the start of every line. If you caught it, good job! That was really fun and I want to do more like that.

Guess the only way to improve my writing is to write more, so, I will try to do that today! Wish me luck! ##

* Day 25ish – Beatles

Sorry about the inconsistencies… From now on, all the rest of the days will be ish days.

Think of any word. Search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

My word: Beatle. (yes, without the s)

Of course, this pops up:



All you need is love. ##

* Day 24ish – Lesson Learned

Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

When I was about 19 years old, I had a pretty tight knit group of girl friends. We would do everything together. I was very close to these girls. I never had many girlfriends growing up; I usually got along with guys more (less drama). One of my friends was in the Army (Stacy) and had met a guy there. She and him lived in the same city and so they started dating and he hung around our group a lot. He was a bit of a charmer, handsome, witty and flirted with all of us. Don’t tell my mom, but, this was the age where I started drinking and got drunk a lot. :/

Well, one day, Stacy had to work late and so me and her boyfriend hung out. (I’ll call him Steve). Steve and I were already hanging out quite a bit before this day, so it was nothing unusual. But this day, we were drinking and I slept on Stacy’s couch and Steve slept in the bedroom. I’m not sure how it happened, but I ended up going to the bedroom because it was more comfortable. Long story short, it ended up with sex. Since that day, I really fell for Steve, even though he was still with Stacy. We hid it for a while, until one day. I called up my other friend (I’ll call her Amy) to tell her about me and Steve. It was like a bomb had dropped on me when she said the next thing: “Steve and I have been dating for like 2 months…”

After that, my entire friendship with Stacy and Amy both completely crumbled to ashes. I still remember the conversation with Amy to this day. I can’t believe the way I reacted and behaved about that who situation. The lesson I learned was to NEVER choose a guy over your friends, ever. If I could take back everything that happened, I would. Steve ended up being a complete asshole and is probably a drunk now. ##

* Day 23 – A Letter

This is the third time I started writing this entry, crossing my fingers that it’s the last. Not sure why I can’t do this one, but I had a dream last night and think I finally got it.

A letter to someone, anyone.

Dear State Street House,

I realize that you are not a living person or something that can perceive letters, but you are still very visual in my dreams and memories. You were the first memory of a home that I can remember, and were my home for about twenty years of my life. This last dream I had of you was… different than any other dream I’ve had before of you. It felt extremely real, that I swore I was there. The staircase always had this familiar creaking, almost rhythmic, and it made everything else seem real. My mind was remembering what it looked like back when I was still a child. Granted, it was a dream, so it didn’t look exactly like it. But I lived there 20 years, so it looked many different ways.

I was so in love with you, that I am still planning on owning you in the future. Hoping that you don’t get demolished because you’re getting up there in years… If houses could read, I would hope you read mine and understand how much of an impact you’ve had on my life and my subconscious. All the memories I’ve had there, great and really bad. Through heartbreak, depression, and discovering who I am; you know, teenage stuff. You were my sanctuary and it was hard to leave you. When my parents sold the house, it was tough for me. Hard to picture some other family using you for their own memories.

Hope you’re doing well and don’t get destroyed any time soon. Thanks for the memories.

Yours always,


Picture I drew in middle school.