New Video & An OLDIE!


Bonus Videooo! I thought you may be interested in this. I made this video in 2009. Enjoy!

6 Tips for First Time Writers

Hello lovelies! So, tonight I told myself that I was going to write a ton. I have all these ideas in my head of how I want a current scene to go. I went home and, well, this night did not go as I planned. Not only did I not write a single word, I made a video about it. The irony, was I mentioned several times in the video to JUST FUCKING WRITE.

The quality is super crappy and I am new at this whole “not blogging” thing. You know, have an ACTUAL topic in mind. (what a concept!) I’m really bad at rambling and this video made me feel like I was auditioning for a C rated movie. Either way, I hope what is actually said helps someone out there. I promise to make better videos and put a bit more of my personality into them. Enjoy! ##