Hello everyone!! First off, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had an amazing 2018 and will have an even better 2019! Thank you all so much for your continued support and visiting my blog, I appreciate it so much! I really enjoy doing the Indie-Go Interviews with indie authors and writers and hope to keep it going strong in 2019. A special thank you to all of you who have taken time out of your busy schedules to talk with me! I love every single one of our chats!!

Another new thing I am doing at the beginning of the year is a Kickstarter for my new book Sparrows! I was hesitant on doing something that involved asking for money (’cause momma raised me to be proud and not take donations.) But even I have to admit when I need a little help. I also am wanting to launch it out into the world as soon as I can, and I can’t do that without YOUR help! I have some really awesome rewards that I’m giving out that you should really check out. Plus, I’ve decided to not limit where rewards are being shipped, meaning, anyone can donate and receive that reward! (Not just the US.)

If you want to check it out, I would greatly appreciate it! Click here to view it and all the cool stuff you can get! And even if you don’t donate, please share it! This will be ending on Valentines Day (February 14th), because why not.

Thank you everyone again and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Personal Update

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been a bit since I’ve just casually posted on here and not done an interview, huh? Well, I thought I would do a bit of an update on what’s been going on.

My writing has been going really well! I haven’t written much in the past couple days, but it’s still a much faster process than I had anticipated. I’m already on chapter 12 of Sparrows and it’s going in an… interesting direction. I haven’t really outlined anything, since I’m more of a panster, but I think that’s what makes writing really fun for me! I’ve introduced some new characters that I’m still trying to feel out and get to know. I think that’s something I really struggle with. I may need to do some interviews for them too. At the beginning of the story, I have more fairy things, but now it’s kind of going away. I need to find a way to put them back into the story more, cause from what I’ve heard, you guys really love Raoul. I mean, who doesn’t? He’s super lovable. But things are going well and I can’t wait to finish it and start editing to make it even more amazing. Then beta reader time! Wooo!!

Check out these awesome fan arts I’ve gotten recently too!



I’ve been heavily involved in Twitter too. (if you don’t follow me, you should, just sayin’.) I am active everyday on there, doing writing challenges and just having fun with other writers and people. It’s an amazing community that I had no idea even existed. Originally, I met a lot of writers on FB groups, and that’s a majority of people I follow on Twitter now. It’s been such a great platform and I may actually end up weeding out Facebook all together. And also, I WILL be doing a massive giveaway on Twitter once I hit 1,000 followers! *wink wink*

Also, if you didn’t know, I published my book on Barnes and Noble! Yay!! Of course it’s only the eBook version, but if you happen to ask for it at the store for like, a physical copy, it may end up getting sent there. How awesome is that?! It’s also on a bunch of other places that I put in the “Book” tab up at the top. Check ’em out!

Another cool thing is that I recently did a Podcast with Samantha Hendricks about dreams and writing and every little thing in between. We may even end up doing some reoccurring segments talking about dreams and books about dreams/books inspired by dreams. I’ll definitely post it here once it goes up! Sam is so awesome and I hope we get to talk much more!

I am still working on something in particular that I’m VERY excited to share with you all. I’ve discovered a site called Zazzle, and it’s a place to customize things with your logo’s, artworks, or whatever you want. I have been going crazy with all the different merch I can do for Fliers! Like keychains, hats, mousepads, cups, bottle openers, magnets, like SO MUCH STUFF. All of course Fliers related! I’m thinking I will launch it on November 1st. πŸ˜€

Just an example of some things I will have in the shop!

Another awesome thing, I do have my cover art done for Sparrows already! But, it will be a little while before I show it off! May make changes to it. We’ll see!

Other than that, I’m still doing the freelancing graphic design job for Del Webb as well as my FT job at the resort. It’s been pretty great! I definitely feel like sometimes I am doing too much, but none if it really feels like work, which is what it’s supposed to be like, right?

Well, that’s about all that’s going on with me lately! I’ll talk to you guys again soon! ##


What’s Up?

Hello everyone! This post will be a little different than usual, but I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on with me lately. (Prepare for blabbing)

I would usually do this on a video, but you may know that my mind can often wander off and I loose track of what I want to really talk about. This way, I can organize my thoughts and say what I want more accurately. (Makes sense why I became a writer, now.)

Firstly, I am in the last two classes of my Associates Program in Graphic Design; graduating in August (because someone missed the deadline for May…) So, a big reason why I am not on here, or writing very much right now is because of those classes that I’m trying to focus on. It didn’t help either that about a week ago I lost my flash drive that had a huge project I was working on. My fault for not having a back-up, but still. I left it at school of all places and someone took it. That alone made my anxiety spike because not only did I have art working, and writings, I am not 100% sure if it had tax forms on it, too. When my identity is stolen, I guess we’ll find out for sure! Plus, it had things for Fliers on it and I’m never going to get them back. I’m still upset about it, but, can’t do anything about it now…

Snapchat-521393170I also joined Snapchat! If you want to add me, feel free. But just know, I rarely go on because I just don’t get you kids in your fancy phone apps. You can find me under ‘lauramaeauthor’.

I would love to see snaps of my book though, if you purchased it. I’ll ‘snap’ ya back! πŸ™‚

Keep in mind, I am also on FB and Instagram and I am much more active on there.




My latest OBSESSION is tomatoes. I’ve always liked tomatoes since I was a kid, especially the little cherry tomatoes my mom used to grow in her garden. Just pluck ’em off and pop ’em in your mouth. So juicy and tangy. But like, lately, I eat/drink something tomato every single day. Any time I’m at the grocery store I have to pick up a few. I like to slice a whole tomato and put sea salt and parsley on top and eat it with breakfast. I eat it with a fork (most of the time). I have also been drinking Bloody Mary’s like they were just invented. There is always at least one bottle of V-8 handy, and all of the ingredients. (I make the best bloody mary’s by the way… hint: use dill pickle juice.) And lastly, I have been eating tortilla chips and salsa like crazy. It’s like my go-to snack when I get home from work. I’ve gobbled up an entire jar of salsa in one sitting. Seriously, I think I have a problem…

If you watched my Book Reveal video, you may have noticed that I was glasses-less. I just came into a new pair of contacts and I was so excited to not be wearing glasses anymore. If you didn’t know, I’ve only been wearing glasses for the past 3 years. Before that I was wearing contacts since I was 13? 14? Something like that. But about 3 years ago, I was done with wearing them, cause they would always bother me, and stuff would get in them. I just stuck with glasses; it was easier. When I got my tax return this year, I told myself I wanted to try contacts again. So I did. The place I went to was America’s Best. I’ve been there multiple times and it’s always been… okay. But this time was the last. Once my appointment was over, I talked to the lady about making sure I was getting the best contacts. (I wear hard ones, and the more expensive ones are worth it) I asked the woman, and she didn’t know what I was talking about, so she went to ask the doctor. He ended up telling her that he would have to look into and give me a call later. Well, I got no calls whatsoever. So I call about 2 weeks later asking what was going on. They were confused on what I was even talking about. And I think I waited a couple days for them to get ‘unconfused’ and I went into the store directly. I asked to just buy whatever contacts; I didn’t care. So the ‘Contacts Manager’ ordered me a pair and it was shipped to my house. Story over, right? Wrong.

I wore the contacts for a few days, and I could see way better, but they were irritating. I just took them out. I called the store to ask for a refund because I was unable to be comfortable in them. The woman on the phone told me to come in for an appt. (???) So I did, and I spoke to the eye doctor I had the first time. His answer was quick once he looked over my chart. He said “The contacts they (the ‘Contacts Manager’) ordered for you were the ones from 3 years ago. That brand is old and outdated… I’ll have them get pexels-photo-133021.jpegyou the new ones.” I rolled my eyes, but I said that was fine.

THREE WEEKS GO BY. I haven’t had a single effing call from anyone. So I call them. I ask where my contacts are. The lady on the phone says, “Well it looks like we put the order in for you on Friday.” (It was Monday of the next week; I ordered the replacement 3 weeks ago) I’m sure you can tell by now I was pretty pissed. So I went in the store and asked for a direct refund. The ‘Eyeglass Manager’ was not management-like at all, didn’t even introduce herself to me, just sat down across from me and stared. Like, where am I?! But luckily, I was able to get my full money back.

Just a little advice, when going to an eye doctor, go to a REAL eye doctor; not a retail store.

Anywho… that’s what’s been going on with me. I know, it’s really exciting. I don’t know how I deal with all of the agents wanting to cast me on reality shows. πŸ˜‰ See ya! ##


You might say that writing the beginning of anything is the hardest part of the story. I don’t understand why people say this. Why is it hard to start something? If you already have an idea in your head, just write it out. It’s bound to click what sentence is the best sentence to start with. For me; it’s the ending.

I have written my ending a good 8 different ways now. I have never truly been satisfied with it, if I’m honest. When I first starting writing Fliers, I never thought of it being finished, even more, being more than just one book. The first run through of it, I ended it as a cliff hanger. It was a really stupid, cheesy ending. And from then on, I changed it 7 more times. I’ve come to the conclusion that endings have two possibilities.

  • Cliffhangers: Writing a cliff hanger is quite possibly the easiest thing a writer can do. Why? Well, because, you’re never really ending your story. You’re leaving it up to the readers imagination of what may be happening after everything. Don’t get me wrong, there are fantastic books that leave you on cliffhangers, basically teasing you to buy their next book. There is nothing wrong with this. However, it does become wrong if you do this for every single book you’ve ever written. It’s an easy way out to just stop writing the book because you’ve run out of ideas. (let’s face it) The way I wanted mine to end when I first started, was to have an ending of where it could end, if I wanted it too; or it could continue. It could go either way. There are loose ends to tie up, yes. But depending on how you write it, it COULD actually end there. In retrospect, I think THIS is the laziest route. …Oh well.
  • Good or Bad:Β This is an area I struggle with. 6 out of 8 endings I have, have ended badly. And what I mean, is there is something REALLY bad that happens. Basically, helping with the cliff hanger portion. But, bad endings can sometimes be overly dramatic and, like I said earlier, cheesy. I tried my last ending on more of a good note, and pleasant scene to picture. It was also just after a really big battle and thought it would be nice to end something on a somewhat postive note. I had to get rid of my enter last chapter too, because it just seemed boring. Good endings can also be boring too, but only if you do it poorly. Summing up anything, books, papers, or a speech can be daunting, because you want to do it exactly right and leave them with the perfect words. Those will be the last words ever, in that story. It’s challenging. But possible.


Update on what’s going on with me: I almost have my cover done! (yay!) And I think I may have a new editor, who was a beta reader of mine and finished it. She was the most helpful of all of my beta readers (for the second round) and I talk to her periodically on Facebook. She is so great and extremely helpful, she even went as far as suggesting ways to publish my book and telling me how she did hers. Even without getting a first draft of editing, I already have more faith than the last editor I picked out. I’m so excited because I know SHE’S excited and wants it to do really well! The only thing is, with this new editor, I may not have my book ready by March. But we’ll see! Oh, and one more thing. I am thinking of doing a subtitle for my book. If you can help me think of one, let me know. It’s not something I HAVE to have, but thought it would be fun. Especially if I am writing more than one in the series. I am coming up with like, nothing. So, literally, anything you can think of, let me know!! Lol ##

Tick Tock

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been a little busy and I’m on a deadline, which really sucks. Granted, I put the deadline in place and I have the authority to change it, but what kind of boss would I be?! Just gearing up for the fast-pace industry that I will be getting into, graphic design, and I need to start practicing now. I guess…

The deadline is for my published novel. As you might know, I’ve set it for March. Though, I haven’t set a ‘date-date’. So, this could even be the end of March if wish. (heh heh heh) But my goal is by at least the middle of the month. Right now I am struggling SO HARD with getting the perfect cover art. Everything I have tried so far, professionally, have been disasters. I am using this freelancing site called Fiverr and have worked with two people now, and thinking of getting a third. Third times a charm, right? God, I hope so. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to show you the first cover I received, but let me try to describe it.

Imagine… you’re at a local video game store and you’re in the mood to find a new game you’ve never seen or heard of before. (Yes, I said video game) You look past the rows of unfamiliars, until you reach a quite peculiar game with the title ‘Fliers’ on the front. As you examine it, you see a young, petite blonde girl who looks as innocent as an angel wearing a glowing white shirt. Slightly standing in front of her, a large male with giant orange wings stares expressionless into the distance. You might be curious as to what he is exactly. Is he a large fairy? Is she an extremely small person? Is he a form of a demonic angel? It’s unclear, but what is clear is that his body and face were carved from the high tech coding of a Nintendo 64 and copied and pasted there. Then what’s even more bizarre is that this is NO video game, it is in fact; a book. *gasp*

When I asked the artist why the “fairy” was bigger than the girl, she claimed to not know what a fairy was.

Image result for facepalm memes

Anywhos… Other than my cover art debacle, I have a TON to edit on the story itself and it is extremely time consuming. I think it’s almost good for me to have this pressure to write with a time line. Otherwise, it would not be released until 2020. But I can’t wait any longer. I’m on my second (last) wave of beta readers and this is the last feedback I’ll get before publishing. So, I’m sticking to whatever I end up with. NO MORE EDITING. Man, that has such a nice ring to it… πŸ™‚

I’m also taking my last two classes at the Community College I go to. YAY! So, naturally, they are taking a good chunk of time too. Although, one class I get to make my own personal logo and it’s pretty fucking awesome. I may have some pictures of it later on.

I think that’s everything. Have a neato day, everyone. ##


* Day 24ish – Lesson Learned

Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

When I was about 19 years old, I had a pretty tight knit group of girl friends. We would do everything together. I was very close to these girls. I never had many girlfriends growing up; I usually got along with guys more (less drama). One of my friends was in the Army (Stacy) and had met a guy there. She and him lived in the same city and so they started dating and he hung around our group a lot. He was a bit of a charmer, handsome, witty and flirted with all of us. Don’t tell my mom, but, this was the age where I started drinking and got drunk a lot. :/

Well, one day, Stacy had to work late and so me and her boyfriend hung out. (I’ll call him Steve). Steve and I were already hanging out quite a bit before this day, so it was nothing unusual. But this day, we were drinking and I slept on Stacy’s couch and Steve slept in the bedroom. I’m not sure how it happened, but I ended up going to the bedroom because it was more comfortable. Long story short, it ended up with sex. Since that day, I really fell for Steve, even though he was still with Stacy. We hid it for a while, until one day. I called up my other friend (I’ll call her Amy) to tell her about me and Steve. It was like a bomb had dropped on me when she said the next thing: “Steve and I have been dating for like 2 months…”

After that, my entire friendship with Stacy and Amy both completely crumbled to ashes. I still remember the conversation with Amy to this day. I can’t believe the way I reacted and behaved about that who situation. The lesson I learned was to NEVER choose a guy over your friends, ever. If I could take back everything that happened, I would. Steve ended up being a complete asshole and is probably a drunk now. ##