NewAuthorPicLaura Mae is a new author and released her first book, Fliers, in March 2018. About a year before it was published, she worked on it for about 7 years on and off. With a single dream as inspiration, her idea for the book came to life. Writing has always been a passion for her. Growing up, she would write short stories, poems, song lyrics and even attempt screenplays. It wasn’t until recently she became more serious about her writing and wanting to show the world what she could do. When she’s not writing, her other passion is graphic design. Basically anything she can spend hours in front of a computer screen doing is her ideal activity.

She also has four furbabies at home who she loves to death and treats like her own children. In her spare time she loves to hike, play video games, read, watch movies, binge Netflix shows and every once in a while, go out and interact with people (If she really has too…). Wine is her best friend, and they hang out almost every day. She’s learned that drinking and writing are really two peas in a pod!

From left to right: Sokka, Dobby, Jynx and Ludo.

If you’re interesting in viewing my art portfolio, click here!