The Indie-Go Interviews

Coming Soon!


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new menu item on my main screen! The Indie-Go Interviews. I won’t go over what this is but… what am I talking about? Of course I will. I’m very excited about it! I will be doing interviews with indie authors and writer EVERY FRIDAY.

Starting June 15th, I will have my first guest, Sarah Jane Day. They will be asked common questions about their experiences on being a independent writer/author and may serve useful if you are one as well. Writing should be a network, not a competition! Support your fellow writers, and in return they will support you, too. And book lovers, supporting indie authors means more books for you! ❤ ##

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Laura Mae was raised in the Midwest and now resides in Arizona surrounded by mountains and sunshine. As a fantasy fiction writer, she has an active imagination, constantly thinking of what-if scenarios and watches people for potential characters. Writing has always been a passion of hers since she was a child, drawing most of her inspiration from dreams. When she’s not writing, she takes care of her furbabies, loves to hike and be outdoors and plays video games for even more inspiration.

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