Writing Prompts – No. 1

I’ve decided to do writing prompts for the next two weeks. It’s part of a writing “Boot Camp” for writers suffering from writers block. I don’t necessarily have writers block right now, but I am between books right now and I’m hoping it can help make my second installment of the Fliers series even better!

For those of you who are unaware of what a writing prompt is; let me explain. It’s quite simple really, and self-explanatory. Prompts are geared towards making you write more, different things than you might be comfortable with writing. Say you are a fantasy fiction writer (like myself) and you just can’t do the whole romantic thing. There are some prompts you can do that will help to strengthen certain types of writing and explore outside of your comfort zone. You usually are given a sentence or two of a random story, situation, a beginning of something and then you write based on that. There is absolutely no limit to how little or much you write. But of course, the more you write, the better you can improve your skills and/or writers block.

I will also highly advice my fellow writers who follow me to feel free to take part in these prompts. You can steal them from me (I’m totes fine with it) or you can even just leave a comment with your creation! I would love to see the different ideas people come up with. I think it’s helpful to see what others write as well.

Okay, without further ado, here is Day 1 of the writing prompt…. uh… challenge, I guess..

Breaking Up With Writers Block

It’s time for you and Writer’s Block to part ways. Write a letter breaking up with Writer’s
Block, starting out with, “Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me …”

Dear Writers Block,

It’s not you, it’s me… I mean, don’t get me wrong. You’re so great. You can’t help who you are and I really admire that. But, lately I’ve come to terms with who I am too, and I’ll be honest with you, you’re just not good for me. We spent so much time together that one time in September and while it may have been good for you… I was getting sick of you and just wanted you to go back home to your family. I’m sorry if this comes off as blunt, but I feel like you deserve to know the real reasons why we can’t ever, ever, ever, get back together. And you have to stop coming by my house anytime I’m in the middle of writing a really great ending. I see you and, well, old feelings come back. It’s so easy to melt back into your arms and forget everything about my stories. But, you’ve even caused me to start drinking again, and you know how I get when I drink too much. It’s not pretty. What I’m trying to say, Writers Block, is please don’t come around anymore. There are plenty of other victims for you to leach onto, like college freshmen and George R. R. Martin. I mean, are you ever going to let him end his Game of Thrones series? It’s just cruel. You have a serious problem and I worry about you. I hope that you can find help and become Inspiration, rather than a Block. ‘Cause no one likes a block… am I right? Anyways, I wish you well and hope you find happiness without me.

Yours truly,

Laura and the rest of the world



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An outgoing, introverted writer who likes to lie about being outgoing. Talking to your cat at all hours of the night does not count as outgoing; but it doesn't stop her. She is also just as comfortable being at the beach as she is standing in a pile of cactus. If you want to really impress this unique specimen, offer her a box of your best wine.

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