* Day 13 – What I’m excited about

Title is pretty self explanatory, so here goes…

I think it goes almost without saying what I am most excited about right now. Getting my first book published! I have been working on Fliers for almost a decade, and it’s in the final stages! I never thought I would get to this point when I first started writing the first page of this story. Honestly, never even thought I would finish it, but here we are. Hoping to have it published and on Amazon by March sometime.

Also, I am only 2 classes and 6 credits away from graduation for my AAS in Graphic Design. Something else I saw way down in the future but it’s finally happening. And even better, is that I’m planning on going to UofA to get my bachelor’s. So, I have much to look forward too 🙂 ##

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An outgoing, introverted writer who likes to lie about being outgoing. Talking to her cat at all hours of the night does not count as outgoing; but it doesn't stop her. She is also just as comfortable being at the beach as she is standing in a pile of cactus. If you want to really impress this unique specimen, offer her a box of your best wine.

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