* Day 10 – Strong Feelings

Happy New Years, everyone! Hope you all had a great night! I did! I sat in bed and fell asleep watching Big Bang Theory. Weeee! ^.^

Day 10 of Writing Challenge:

Write about something for which you feel strongly.

HAHAHAHAHA. Get ready for a very long post/rant here, ladies and gents.

I consider myself somewhat of an environmentalist. Anywhere from recycling what I can, at home and work, drive a used car with only 4 cylinders (sucks for highways but better for the ozone), conscious of how much water I use when showering/washing clothes ect. And speaking of water, I am pretty passionate when it comes to water bottles and how much I hate them.

First off, I want to say, that I hate them 98% of the time. Because that other 2%, water bottles can actually save lives when it comes to disaster’s or third world countries that have no alternatives. But that is THE only reason they should be here. To market a plastic bottle filled with something that most of us can get for free, is asinine. It is the number one polluter of any other trash in the world. Don’t believe me? Look it up. The Grand Canyon actually had to ban plastic water bottles because it littered their park so much. They have none for sell in their gift shops and encourage guests to bring reusable bottles.

I myself have been using a reusable bottle for the good part of 2 years now. It’s like my safety blanket. I don’t leave home without it. I also use a water cooler in my home (because where I’m from, the tap water is not desirable). It may still be plastic, but they hold several gallons of water inside one, and it can be refilled many times (usually hundreds) Research has shown that it can reduce the carbon foot print by a ton, and that is good with me. It also has instant hot water so I make tea super fast!

It infuriates me to this day that water bottle companies lie to their consumers about where their water comes from. I once knew a girl who would only drink Dasani water because it came from France or something. Back 20 years ago when I heard this I thought it was hilarious; now I just think it’s sad. These are just not true, and why does it matter where it comes from? You’re buying into false marketing schemes that sell a product that doesn’t even need to be on shelves. Use water fountains, water coolers, tap water if you can. But water bottles are just useless. Seriously. Stop using them.

Okie I’m done. ^.^ ##

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