* Day 2 – First Impressions

Day 2 Question.

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

This was maybe 10 years ago when I was working at Gamestop. I’ll always remember this because the guy that said it, I kinda had a crush on. I had been working with him for probably a month, and I guess within that time, he and I didn’t talk much outside of work related things. Plus, we didn’t work together all the time, so it took me a long time to warm up to him (as with most people I meet). So one day, I think I was probably caffeinated on coffee or soda and I was much more talkative than normal. He and I finally talked about each other and not about work, and it was good back and forth banter. After several minutes he turns to me and says,

“You know, when I first met you, I thought you were a complete bitch.”

Most people might have been angry with this, but I remember being shocked and almost laughed. I asked him why he thought that, and he said it was because I was always really quiet and never small talked. He admitted that he was wrong to make assumptions and that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Once he got to know me better, he saw a different side of me.

Granted, most people who don’t know me probably still think this about me because it’s just who I am. And I’m okay with that, because I know I’m not a bitch. ##

*Writing Challenge: Day 1 – Happiness

For 30 days I will be doing a Writing Prompt asking questions or having me list things. Instead of keeping these all to myself, I figured that maybe you would like to know some of these things.

List 10 things that make you happy.

  1. My pets. They are my life.
  2. Video Games. Some games are so good they even make me cry. But then again, a lot of things make me cry. Don’t judge.
  3. Hiking. The fresh air, the smell of earth and being in the sunlight is very relaxing. I’m not huge into exercising, but hiking is one thing I am always up for. Plus, it’s great for taking pictures. Which leads me to the next thing.
  4. Taking Pictures. I take a lot of pictures. Of pretty much anything. Pets, sunsets, sunrises, rainbows, moons, trails, me; from time to time. I am by no means good at it, but I always like to practice getting better. A lot of that has to do with having a nice camera too. ($$$)
  5. Writing, of course. Hence, why I am doing this to begin with. 🙂
  6. My family. I live with my sister, so I have always been pretty close with my family. They are truly awesome people and I couldn’t ask for a better one.
  7. Watching TV/Movies. This makes me sound so lazy, but really I love cinema. There are some tv shows out there are just mind-blowingly well done. (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, I’m looking at you.) And I don’t watch ‘mind-melting’ shows. I like a lot of documentaries and home improvement shows too, things that teach you something.
  8. Cleaning. …what? It’s fun to make things clean. Don’t judge.
  9. Drinking wine. I hope this doesn’t make me sound like an alcoholic and really, I’m running out of things to put on here. I really enjoy wine, and going to winery’s and wine tastings. I have good memories tied with all of it, so why stop? 🙂
  10. Graphic Design. I am going to school for this, so thankfully it made the list. But I really do enjoy making things on the computer and I want to learn so much more. The fact I am able to practice my skills at work helps so much and makes my *actual* job more bearable. 🙂


Possible Beginning of Fliers 2

Sitting in total darkness and absent from sound, Sydona found herself completely alone in the middle of nowhere. With her heart pounding and breath quickening, she waited for a sound that would tell her to begin. Through padded earmuffs that covered her ears, she heard a faint beeping from her wrist. Ripping off the thick blindfold and earmuffs and throwing them to the ground, her eyes and ears quickly adjusted to the sunlight. The blinding sun caused her to squint her blue eyes, but ignored it as she began to search her surroundings. She was in a forest, but one she was not at all familiar with. It was sparsely populated with trees and easy to see into the distance. Although many of the trees had very wide trunks, enough for things to hide behind. The forest stood eerily quiet, with an occasional bird chirp, but then fluttered away. Her fair skinned hand touched the dirt floor, filled with leaves she had to scatter around as she searched for something. Several lines of leaves were flattened, by a car, she presumed. Sydona followed the tracks that led north, into the unknown.

She removed a pistol from her hip that was held on the opposite side of her normal dagger. Moving as quickly and silently as possible with her rugged black boots, she made her way through the woods, watching her back. With every maple leaf heard, she whipped her head around with gun ready in hand. Just then a man popped out from behind a tree with a gun pointed straight at her, and she shot him instantly before he could pull the trigger. He fell to the ground and she kept moving, carefully following the tire tracks. Her arms held straight out with the pistol ready for any other movements. A second person appeared behind her and made to many noises within the leaves. She quickly turned around to shoot them without hesitation. And continued with two more shots to another man that appeared next to them. Her pulse raced with every gunshot that rang through the woods and wiped her sweaty palms on her camouflage pants.

Taking another quick glance around her surroundings for any movements or noises, she confirmed she got everyone and moved on. She glided along the ground, keeping track of the trail soiled with tire marks. They eventually lead out of the woods and into a town that looked abandoned. It was a town she had never seen before. Her senses heightened, as she noticed several buildings that stood a few stories high. High enough for snipers and lookouts. Many of the buildings had busted out windows, some with cardboard and graffiti that looked dated. Only one car resided on the side of the road, but looked as if it was stripped of all parts, making it useless. The town was so small, she swore it was just the one street, and she could see out to the other side. Getting back to her mission, she glanced around to see where the vehicle went. A few alleys were visible from where she was standing, but unsure if they were large enough for a car. No carports or garages around where it could hide either; she had to investigate.

Glancing down at her wrist watch, it was counting up and she was at the eight minute mark. She clentched her fists and licked her lips, unhappy with the readout. Sydona ran over to the side of the road to press herself up against the buildings with her weapon ready. Spotting a quick movement inside a window on the south side of the street, she aimed her gun towards them and shot. Making her way down the wall to an alley that she assumed could fit at least a small car, she searched again for tracks. The town may be abandoned, but the streets were still in tact with no dirt that would signal tire tracks. As she cautiously ran down the alley, she approached a giant trash container. Perhaps too quickly, and a woman jumped out from behind it and disarmed her.

Sydona did a sweeping kick to her as she tried punching her, and fell to the ground. Her opponent then used her boot to kick Sydona in the stomach and push her backwards. Sydona gasped as the air was knocked out of her lungs. This gave the other woman a chance to stand back up and face Sydona. They swung at each other a few more times, with Sydona being the first one to make contact with her jaw and slammed her to the ground. Sydona pinned her down with a fist ready to keep punching, but the woman tapped her on the leg. They both nod at each other and Sydona stood back up, and ran to her gun. Reclaiming her weapon again, she continued to look for the vehicle. Along the way she took out a couple more people hiding in doors and windows.

Turning the corner, she saw the one thing that stuck out from the rest of the town; a shiny white van. Just to be sure, she approached it and peered inside the windows. It was empty of people, but still in good condition. This was the vehicle she was searching for. Placing her hand on the hood of the van, it was warm and it was still settling from the drive. Looking around for where the passengers could have gone, she noticed a door with a keypad on the outside of it. It was numbered zero to nine with letters underneath each number.

She picked the most obvious code she could think of and entered it in. ‘NFA.’

The light indicator flashed red.

Her hands shook and she glanced at her wrist again. It was at twenty-two minutes now. Gritting her teeth at the time and drawing a blank as she stared at the keypad, she tried a few more codes.

‘FLIER’; ‘MALIK’; ‘SPARROW’. Nothing happened.

Panicking at her failures, her hands vibrated even more. “Don’t worry Gia. I’m getting you out.”

Glancing down at her wrist, she wasted an entire minute thinking of the code. Then a light bulb went off in her head. What does the NFA strive to have the ability to do? Of course.

She entered in ‘FLY.’ The light flashed green and the door clicked open.

Turning the rusty handle of the seemingly abandoned building, she creeped inside with her eyes wide open. Her eyes quickly adjust to the darkness that waited indoors, only being slightly illuminated by the dirty windows. It reminded her of an old office building, with a reception desk and office doors that led down a hallway. Thinking of where they might be keeping Giovonna, she decided to find a set of stairs leading down. Perhaps there was a laboratory here, and most likely, out of sight from onlookers. As she made her way through the offices, a few more people showed up with guns, but Sydona took them all out.

Time was running out, and she needed to find her now. She ran to the back of the building where she hoped was an emergency stairwell that lead to a basement. Another man ran into her on the stairs on her way down and she took him out with no issues. At the bottom, the place opened up into a large hollowed out parking garage. It had remnants of an old camp that Willow mentioned the NFA does experiments in. A cemented brick wall made an office in the corner of the lot. It was clear that it wasn’t made when the original building was constructed. Giovonna could be held there and so she made a b-line to the office.

Two guards saw her through the window in the makeshift office and exited the room to stop her. With two clicks, she took both of them out and continued on her way. Sprinting the rest of the way across the parking lot, she kicked the door open to see Giovonna sitting in the corner with a big smile. Sydona ran past her and pressed a big black button on the wall that sounded an alarm. Looking down at her watch, it stopped at twenty-nine minutes and four seconds.

“You did it!” Giovonna jumped up and hugged Sydona who was breathing heavily.

“Yeah, just barely,” said Sydona and curved her lips upward.

Just then, the two people who were guarding Giovonna walked into the room, unharmed and grinning. They had their hands out to shake Sydona’s hand and she gladly took them.

“Congratulations, Syd. We knew you would pass,” one of them said.

“Thanks guys,” she beamed up them and slowed down her breathing. “You changed the code on me.”

The other man with buzzed brown hair shrugged and laughed, “We couldn’t make it too easy for you.”

“Yeah, whatever Scott. I know it was you who changed it, wasn’t it?” she teased.

He put both his hands up and laughed again, “It wasn’t me, I swear. It was Willow.”

“I heard my name! Ya’ll talkin’ smack behind my back?” Willow burst into the room and gave Sydona a sturdy handshake. Silas and Raoul followed behind.

“Congrats!” Silas squeezed her tight and pulled away with a quick peck on her cheek.

“What, you couldn’t do it any faster than that?!” Raoul exclaimed, making himself known to everyone in the room.

“Oh, shut up, Raoul,” Sydona laughed.

Sydona glanced around the room of smiling faces and friendly gestures and her heart felt warm. More people joined them in the room, mostly all the folks she shot on her way down there. They were all congratulating her and giving her hugs as they welcomed her to the group.

“Attention everyone,” Willow said. But when no one listened, she spoke louder. “Hey! Shut the ‘ell up!”

The room silenced and put their attention on the big red haired woman in the middle.

“I would like ta formally announce our newest member of the Sparrows, Sydona Wilder!”

The room cheered and laughed, and directed their attention to her, making her face turn slightly pink.

Willow continued while she wrapped a meaty arm around Sydona shoulders. “I met this snarky minx jus’ two short months ago and let me tell you, she was a damn handful! If it wasn’t for her fairy Raoul, who knows how things would’ve turned out for us. I know she don’t like me all that much, but she got that burnin’ fire in her that don’t stop. An’ I admire that. She single handedly took down Dr. Malik in Eagle Lake and now she wants more! Treat this woman like the princess she is and help her with anything she ask for.”



How Does the Brain Work?

To get a perspective of how things pop into my mind, here’s an example. I was cutting up chicken for my dogs and I start thinking of Sydona eating meat. She’s a vegetarian if you didn’t know. And I was thinking that she was going to be eating meat in the second book. Then I thought, why? Why would she eat meat after not eating it for 30 years?

…I see her (Sydona) in a forest, scavenging for meat. A squirrel, a rabbit, whatever. And she’s by herself, no one around. But then I thought, why, again. It’s not how it appears. Why would she be alone when Raoul was always by her side. Is she testing herself; deserted? No. She’s not alone by choice.

She’s training.

Training to be a Sparrow. ##

Here goes…

Alright, so I’m going to attempt to write this and hope it doesn’t kill my audience. I think it’s silly that I’m even nervous to admit this, but I want to be truthful. I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t change your opinion of me or my writing. Unless it’s in a better way, then it’s okay. 🙂

People can find inspiration for writing in all kinds of ways. And as I understand it, most writers are avid readers. But what are books other than stories without pictures? What are movies based around; story. What about television shows; story. And even video games, mainly Role Playing Games; heavily based on story (interactively). As a person like myself who is writing a book, you would probably assume that I read quite often in my spare time. But the answer is actually, no. I do not read as much as you think I do.

Reading for me has always been kind of stressful and boring, (puts me to sleep) no matter how good the book is. In school, we always had reading assignments and book reports to do. I dreaded it. It was homework to me, and since I had a certain time to read it in, I stressed out trying to read it in time. Because it was always a chore, homework, something that I HAD to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have read books past my school days and in my free time, but it’s very rarely. And I will also admit, the books are mostly better than the movies or show. But I will always lean more towards the movie. Like I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, I also get a lot of inspiration from dreams. I think a lot of the dreams I have are stemmed from movies and stuff (the pictures are burned in my mind). And my head makes it’s own twist on things.

I have gotten a lot of…um.. hateful, confused and bitter comments to this. I’m not really sure why. Everyone is not programmed the same way. If I can create something based on something I see and not read, why does it matter how it originated? Maybe I will create something most readers will have never imagined BECAUSE I don’t read as much.

I also want to let my other fellow writers know, that, no; you don’t need to read x-amount of books to be considered a great writer. I know I am not the only writer in the world who feels this way, and hope I’m not the last.

I hope I explained this well enough to make you understand where I stand. I don’t want to lose followers based on this, flaw, of mine. Please, let me know your thoughts on the matter. Cheers! ##

Second Enstallment

While I’m waiting for feedback on my first book, I am trying to start on my second. I have literally had 5 different intros and I’m not stoked about any of them. Of course, this is a continuation of the first one and I don’t want to start it immediately after the first one. The time elapsed is proving quite tricky. First I had like a year, then a week later, then two months later and now I’m on one month. And trying to decide what Sydona is doing in the first page or two is really frustrating. Having this in third person-limited is kinda biting me in the ass now. I want so badly to show what other characters are doing or how they react to what SHE does, but I can’t!

Maybe it’s telling me that I need to like my MC more lol (Trust me, I like her much more now than I did in the beginning.) Trying to decide what she will do or say all the time is hard because she is nothing like myself. And that can be a good thing, but also very complicated.

Right now I am contemplating on having her attempt suicide after a series of traumatic events happening all at once. I think any normal person would get pretty depressed after what she went through. Weighing the options of if she would actually go that far as to try it though, is challenging. Guess I’ll just brainstorm some more. Ugggg.. help me out here guys… ##

Dream Ideas

I don’t know about many other writers, but I tend to have book/story ideas that come to me in dreams. Like, a lot. I’m sure you might know that Fliers came to me in a dream, so it’s not uncommon. But I had one last night, that I was actually planning out the plot that would happen. I thought what was already happening would be a good story, so I tried to make an outline in my dream. I should explain: I use to dream interpret a little several years ago, and so I got really good at controlling my dreams. I can tell myself to do something and *most* of the time it happens. I can also control other things that happen, making people or objects do what I want.

Anyways, getting off track. The dream had 3 girls and 3 guys and they were in a high school. I am skeptical about making a story with kids in high school. I feel it’s so played out. … So I made them be in college 😀 And the other part was this weird woman who was like a witch and …. as I’m reading this, I’m forgetting everything that I thought would make a great plot. GAAHHHHH

In conclusion… the dream made this weird turn into a wet dream.. and well.. the rest of it went down the toilet. Welp. This was a pretty pointless post. lol …. Happy Sleeping! ##