* Day 3 – Pet Peeves

Day 3 of writing challenge.

What are your top three pet peeves.

Oh man. Only three huh? This is gonna be tough. And I find it funny that this question is on Christmas. The one day I try not to complain about things.

1. Indecisive people. There is nothing in this world more annoying than people who can’t make up their freaking minds. I understand you might be trying to weigh your options, but… Do it faster!!

2. People who don’t understand social cues. I really think this goes with out explanation.

3. Terrible drivers. There are sub categories of this, but I just lumped it all into one. People who don’t use turn signals, weavers, speeders, slowies, stupid giant trucks. They all have a special place in hell.

Merry Christmas everyone! 😀 ##