How Does the Brain Work?

To get a perspective of how things pop into my mind, here’s an example. I was cutting up chicken for my dogs and I start thinking of Sydona eating meat. She’s a vegetarian if you didn’t know. And I was thinking that she was going to be eating meat in the second book. Then I thought, why? Why would she eat meat after not eating it for 30 years?

…I see her (Sydona) in a forest, scavenging for meat. A squirrel, a rabbit, whatever. And she’s by herself, no one around. But then I thought, why, again. It’s not how it appears. Why would she be alone when Raoul was always by her side. Is she testing herself; deserted? No. She’s not alone by choice.

She’s training.

Training to be a Sparrow. ##

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An outgoing, introverted writer who likes to lie about being outgoing. Talking to her cat at all hours of the night does not count as outgoing; but it doesn't stop her. She is also just as comfortable being at the beach as she is standing in a pile of cactus. If you want to really impress this unique specimen, offer her a box of your best wine.

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