Word Count

I’m at an 80k word count!

So, before I started editing my manuscript in it’s entirety, I was at 140 ish pages, and about 60k word count. Now, after a few months of re-writing, editing, changing literally everything about my original story, I’m now at 80,141 words and 163 pages. 23 extra pages of new content and 20,000 more words! I don’t know why writers feel like this is a great accomplishment, because the words you wrote could be absolute shit, but who cares! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ##

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An outgoing, introverted writer who likes to lie about being outgoing. Talking to her cat at all hours of the night does not count as outgoing; but it doesn't stop her. She is also just as comfortable being at the beach as she is standing in a pile of cactus. If you want to really impress this unique specimen, offer her a box of your best wine.

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