A Special Birth

Seven year old Sydona jumped out of her blue and pink covers and ran downstairs, through the kitchen, the back porch and all the way to the biggest tree in their backyard. Peering inside the center hole in the tree, there was a big crowd of fairies gathered around one female fairy with a rounded tummy. She was lying on her back on top of a block of carved wood with flowers blanketing it. Sydona grinned as she rested her chin on her hands that were folded over the wooden hole.

“Is it happening already?” her mother’s voice announced softly behind her.

Sydona nodded her head excitedly. “I hope it’s a boy!”

The pregnant fairy took notice of Sydona and smiled through her labor pains.

“Why do you want it to be a boy?” Evelyn squatted down next to her and they took turns to witness the miracle.

“Because I already have a name picked out!” Sydona squealed.

Evelyn laughed. “Sweetie, I think Cherish would like to name her own baby,” she caressed Sydona’s short blonde hair.

Just then, everyone gathered even closer to Cherish and one fairy in particular was there to deliver the newborn. Several minutes later a tiny crying baby was being swaddled in a soft blue cloth that looked as if it was scrapes of her old baby blankets. It wasn’t any bigger than her thumb nail.

Sydona could barely sit still in anticipation. “Well?”

Cherish was handed the baby and answered. “He’s a boy.”

“I knew it!” Sydona hugged her mom.

The crowd parted in order to give Sydona a good look at him.

“He’s so small…” she whispered in awe.

“And he’s yours, once you turn eight,” Evelyn said.

“I can’t wait!” she focused on the tiny fairy baby with a full head of brown hair and tiny red wings that popped over the blue blanket. “We’re going to have the bestest adventures ever, Raoul!” ##

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