I had an interesting dream last night. But one interesting but weird thing I took away from it was an interaction I had with a man, talking about grapes. Yes, in my dream I was at a grocery store, and grabbed a $30.00 bag of grapes. (Dreams are weird…) anyway, I eat the grapes throughout the store, because I had to try them but I did not want to actually buy them. The price was insane. So I eat them, and randomly hand them out to other people so they could try the expensive grapes too.

I came across this man who claimed that grapes were male and female. He explained it like, when the stem comes off when you take it off the vine, it’s a female. If the stem doesn’t come off, it’s a male. And he used both of them as an example, by placing the stem inside the other grape with no stem. (Lol this killed me)
I told him it was just physics and some stems come off and some don’t. But I loved his theory much more. So that’s my dream. Oh yeah, and throughout the entire dream, I was also Batman. ##