Hello. This isn’t going to be anything from my book. Just me. Sometimes I feel like I can’t talk to anyone who knows what I’m going through. I am part of several writing groups online and try to seek out advice from them, but it doesn’t really help at all. And this could just be a side-effect of a pill I started taking, but who the hell knows.

I am finding myself, depressed, angry, annoyed, pissed off at so many things lately. I don’t know if it’s part of my writing, or my pills, or what. At work, I feel so sluggish, and unenergetic, to the point where I want to just leave, but I can’t do that. I like the people I work with and couldn’t just walk away. Plus, I’m an adult and have no plan B. I am hoping I will get over this emotional crap soon. I feel it’s taking a toll on those around me. I just want my book to be published and done with. And I’m not even done editing it all. Still have to publish it and market the crap out of it.

This is in no way a cry for help or attention. I just wanted to let whoever reads this know what’s been going on with me, and let you know my struggles. I hope this 9 year project is worth it and at least one person cares about it as much as I do. Thanks for reading. ##