Hello! Okay, I decided to start writing again. It’s so hard to put away sometimes. For those of you who have read Fliers, at least half way through, you might remember the B&B, with Lana and stuff. Harold shows up out of no where and kills her, for.. some reason… but, be confused NO MORE!

I deleted that whole thing! Yep. It’s gone. It was in the original draft, (you know from 8 years ago) but after editing everything, I decided how much I hated that part. It just didn’t make sense. Lana looking like her mothers clone, the fact they were okay with staying at a hotel or whatever, even though they are trying to stay low. And Harold showing up and threatening Lana with a gun to her head so Gia won’t shoot him. And then killing Lana, being something significant for Syd, but really, it was just filler.

So, I have gotten rid of all of that and have replaced it with them staying in a tent that, ta-da, Willow was already carrying! I dunno why I had them stay in a house/hotel thing when Willow was already prepared for them to sleep in tents so they DIDN’T have to sleep at a hotel. Fliers are wanted now, and why would they risk going to sleep somewhere where they might get captured? Besides the train thing, but it was the fastest way of transportation. I will back that part up. But the BnB thing, no.

I will introduce Silas into the story sooner and in a different way. Might help the tiny love story that’s in here too. Does he save her life? Who knows! 🙂 Oh, because they are attacked by a Grizzly and Sydona is a little out of her element. Silas to the rescue! I know, sounds cliche, but what are ya gonna do? ##