Car Accident Cont…

So I re-wrote it. I swear, I’m like a different person now. Some of the things I look back and read, I’m like… “wow.. this is embarrassing..”  Thankful now that I know more and can correct those mistakes. A lot of mistakes.. like, almost chapters worth.

Anyway, I am pretty proud of what I set up. It’s more clear, more impactful (I think), slowed down, because I guess I have a tendency to write out scenes too quickly. I guess it’s because when I am just writing or typing, things just flow out of me. I need to get it out of my head, and when I do this, it’s rushed and filled with grammar mistakes. I’m so grateful for Beta readers. I can’t say this enough. So I’m sorry if you see me mention this in like every blog. The scene no longer has them hitting a deer in the road, because the size of the car compared to the animal.. would not add up correctly. So, now I have them skidding out of the way and then hit a barrier, then roll down a hill. Not a huge hill, just like.. 30 feet down at an angle. No cliffs or anything. ..Although, that could really spice things… no.. I’m getting off track. They would probably all die, and that’s would really screw shit up..

So now that that whole thing is redone, the next section (when they go on the train, and then to an Inn) has to change dramatically as well. I will keep you updated with all the vague details of a amateur novel that isn’t even published yet, and make sure not to spoil anything good, cause well… Spoilers. 🙂 ##

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