Car Accident

So I am at a part where my characters have been involved in a car accident. The way I originally had this written was that Gia basically pulls the car off of Sydona. Biggest problem with this, is that my book is a Third-person limited, and we should not be in the view point of the secondary character. Also, they do not have super strength anymore (I’m almost embarrassed to say it was in there to begin with.)

This entire scene is about 3-4 pages long and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to completely re-do it. I’m almost willing as to say that I need to BE in this car accident, in order to capture it realistically.  Granted, this is a fantasy fiction story, but in no universe would the person in the back seat be hurt worse than the two people in front, involving a head on collision with a deer. I’ll admit that I haven’t been in many accidents, but the ONE I have been in, I can tell you, the airbags were the worst part. I only knew this from my friend who was really hurt from one. I was in the back and didn’t get a single scratch. I think a tiny bit of whiplash and a headache. But nothing that put my life or limb in danger.

I’m super bummed that I have to re-write this entire thing, but.. I guess it’s for the greater good of the story or whatever. Blah Blah Blah. ##

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