I think one thing that differs me from most writers is that I have all these ideas running through my head when I am trying to fall asleep, yet I stay in bed. I know many people who write all throughout the night because they can’t shut their brains off. I try my best to remember what it was I was brainstorming about in the morning. It usually works.. but I’ll admit, the times I can’t remember it the same I want to kill myself lol

I like sleeping too much. Which is another reason why I couldn’t make a career out of writing. My day job starts at 7am, and I try to go to bed before 10pm. I feel like such an old lady.

I use Google Docs for writing, so I can’t tell how many words I write. But I wrote a few more pages (strictly editing) on Fliers yesterday. Honestly, the most I’ve ever written in one sitting. I think blogging is helping. Yay! If I were to guess, I think I wrote 500 more words. From beginning to end, my novel was around 140 ish pages.. it’s up to 154 now. So, I guess that’s good. I added a lot more information that I feel was much needed and explained things much better. My beta readers will let me know.

I will be continuing on editing more today. My sister was/is my unofficial editor and gave me her suggestions today so that’s something that will keep me pretty busy too.

Happy Writing! ##

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