October 17th (First Post)

This is my first blog, so bare with me! I’m really not sure what to put in here, but I’ll just keep typing and see what comes out. This honestly might be good when I am taking a break from my actual writing. I swear though, between work, writing/editing my book and now this, I’m gonna have carpel tunnel in no time. 😦 Anywho..

I am in the process of editing my first time novel for the 15248954 time and well, the good thing is, it gets better each time! Bad thing is, I feel like I will NEVER be done with it. Like ever. I’ve started reading it out loud because I heard that is really good to do, and I have found an embarrassing amount of mistakes. But, I know in the long run, I’ll be glad I did it. I’m also sprucing it up in order to get a new batch of Beta readers, and then to my editor. Which, by the way, if you would like to read Fliers, please let me know! I could always have people on stand-by! 😀

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a great day!

‘Fliers’ synopsis

As descendants of fairies, Fliers were an old, forgotten species who appear human, but could fly without wings. They lived peacefully amongst humans for several decades, until a secret government agency developed new technology that allowed experimentation on Fliers and discovered how to make ordinary people fly. Not sitting back and accepting the news, Sydona Wilder and her fairy Raoul, set out to find the agency and put a stop to the capture of the rare species. But Sydona will have to fight her own battles of facing her dark past and learning how to trust people again.